Classroom Full of Students

As a mother and educator, I believe our education system should be treated as a priority, as it prepares the future of our children, our state, and our economy. This means that:

  • Class sizes need to be reduced in order to provide students the quality education that is expected of our teachers.
  • Teachers salaries need to be increased. Too many good teachers are leaving the state and the profession as they can find better paying jobs elsewhere.
  • Public funding should go to public education, not for-profit educational institutions.
  • As schools use government-issued funds, they do need to be held accountable. However, the degree to which they are held accountable should be reduced. Legislators should treat educators as colleagues, not as subordinates.

Having taught in public education for 16 years, I am intimately aware of how the choices of the legislature are impacting our classrooms and our children. We sent an expert on infrastructure to the legislature when we needed I-15 improved. Now isn’t it time to send a teacher to the legislature to improve our education system?

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